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Happy Tuesday, everyone! Bearmonkey here…sorry for our week-long hiatus; we’ve been super busy getting things ready for our Etsy store opening, and Badger was filming for the 48-Hour Film Festival this weekend (he was on set from 6 a.m. Saturday until 6 a.m. Sunday. Wowza.)

Thinking back over this past weekend reminds me of when I was a kid and I would look forward to Friday nights at home. During school days, I eagerly counted down to Friday, because it was pizza and board game night with the fam. I’m not quite sure when this tradition started, but without fail at 6 o’clock every Friday night, the doorbell would ring. I would scamper up to our foyer and there would be the Pizza Hut delivery guy, with a fresh melted pile of pepperoni and cheese just for us. Looking back on how much Pizza Hut I must have eaten as a child makes me a little queasy, but I still have fond memories of schooling my parents at Balderdash and the three of us laughing together over a meal.

Fast forward 15 years; Kristian and I have our own Friday Night tradition going, and it involves dressing like this:

Yes, that is Bearmonkey wearing a Rubix Cube costume...


Yep, whenever we can, we get all glammed-up and head over to 80’s Night at the Crystal Ballroom here in Portland. It’s a far cry from pizza and board games, that’s for sure! (Sidenote: dancing is a lot healthier than pizza for both of us… the obsession with glitter, leggings, and wayfarers? Not so much.)

We have such a blast dancing together and going out with our friends, and I’m hopeful this tradition will stick around for a little while.

I also went thrifting this weekend and scored some pretty fab finds for repurposing, another hobby of mine that I’m hoping to pass along to my family someday. My mom (or should I say, Her Royal Highness, Queen of Estate Sale Jewelry) is a very crafty lady and I am thankful we spent so much time together coloring and decorating together when I was young.

I love wearing vintage jewelry... it always reminds me of my mom.

I love wearing vintage jewelry... it always reminds me of my mom.

Jewelry found on Eco Bling Couture and The Antique Attic

What are some of your favorite traditions with family and friends? Do you have any heirloom pieces in your house that remind you of your family? We want to know!


Have a great week everyone. More to come soon…


Hearts and Hugs,






Thanks for stopping in! Kristian and I are just putting the finishing touches on our wordpress and etsy sites, and will be ready to launch soon. In the meantime, keep tabs on our antics by following us on twitter, @brmonkeynbadger.

We can’t wait to share our furnishings with you! Stay tuned…

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