Well, I figured it was about time that you heard from Badger, as up to this point I must have seemed like some mysterious and mythical creature conjured up by Bearmonkey to make our moniker sound more interesting.

Not the case, however. As you can see, here I am gathering the all important reclaimed materials from ReBuild for my piece that I completed this weekend, as well as some inspirational canvases for upcoming projects (stay tuned).

Lots of reclaimed wood to choose from!

Lots of reclaimed wood to choose from!

Selecting the perfect pieces

This weekend we made yet another important step to getting our name out there and our business off the ground by completing a project to submit in the Pinterest Challenge put on by Style by Emily Henderson, Young House Love, Bower Power, and Making a House a Home. Fantastic idea, guys! You can see the original call for submissions video here, BTW (the outtakes are pretty funny).

When Clare brought this idea up to me on Thursday, and told me that @younghouselove had already responded to our inspiration photo on our twitter page, I was ecstatic. I wasn’t sure what it all meant, but I was excited! I quickly dropped what I was doing at work, went to our twitter page, looked at our tweets…and then it dawned on me. Up until then,  had no idea how twitter worked, who was talking to who, nothing. This was very much an “a-ha” moment. Maybe I will make an appearance on twitter every now and then, since I know how to use it! That is, if Clare ever stops tweeting about the Bachelorette finale so I can wrestle the iPad away from her…

But I digress. The challenge was to create something that inspired you from an image that you had on your Pinterest board. Here is what Clare and I had found that we thought was of particular interest:

(This photo was originally found on style-files.com)

Now, we already had a perfectly nice headboard, but I really liked the idea, and was excited to tackle this challenge for our weekend together.

Our unassuming old headboard...

So, Sunday morning, instead of being the day of rest, it was the day of frantic production for me so I could complete this before heading back to Seattle for the work week. It came together quickly and easily, and is definitely a piece that I am proud of.

Come on in...

Come on in...

Our new Pinterest-inspired headboard!

Well, writing a blog post wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be! If you made it through this post, liked it, and had a chance to check us out, let us know how we’re doing. What you like/don’t like, opinions, comments, and what you’d like to see from both of us in the future. Thanks for reading.