Bearmonkey here! I just wanted to say a quick “thank you” to everyone who has been throwing support, kudos, and positive vibes our way as Badger and I embark on this crazy journey of business ownership.

Kristian just hatched this baby two weeks ago when he was inspired to start building tables out of reclaimed cabinet door scraps found (on a whim!) at The ReBuilding Center in Portland, and I immediately jumped at the chance to put my social media hat on and partner with him to promote his work. The response we have gotten from our pieces so far has been overwhelming and people are (literally?) crawling out of the woodwork to encourage us. Sidenote: it’s so awesome when your next door neighbor drops by to borrow some baking soda and the first thing they say is “That coffee table is awesome! Where did you get it?” (and I get to tell them that my partner made it!!).

We truly appreciate the kind words, laughter, and support we have received from our families, friends, and complete strangers. We also have been very grateful for your patience as we work on our inventory and finding a more permanent work space. I’ve been posting sneak peeks here and there, but we both want to make sure that you get to see Kristian’s handywork in the best display possible (read: clear, professional photos not taken in our dark apartment) when our store goes live.


Again, from bottom of our little hearts, thank you, thank you.


…Aw, what the heck, I’ll throw in a dark, unprofesh photo of our numero uno table for good measure.


Hearts and Hugs,