You know those days when you walk around feeling like your hair is on fire and you’re the only one who doesn’t have a clue? Well, Bearmonkey had one of those days today, bigtime. Clearly, today was Tuesday, and I have a theory about how Tuesday is plotting to hunt me down and force me to do things I don’t like every week, such as eating brussels sprouts or getting a root canal. BUT, instead of spewing a laundry list of all the little things that went haywire  today (flat tire, anyone?) I will share this with you instead:


Aaaaahhh… I can finally breathe! I love being able to come home to a happy, inviting, and relaxing space. That chair might not look very substantial, but don’t let its minimalist stature deceive you! It is the perfect place for a book, a glass of wine, and maybe a little nap. It was one of Kristian’s pieces that we grandfathered into the space, and now I can’t imagine the living room without it. I’ve almost become somewhat territorial over it being “my” chair. What? A girl’s gotta have her go-to chair, that’s what I say.


I’m not quite sure how I feel about the piece above the fireplace yet. I actually painted this while Kristian was constructing his first coffee table. I had a blank canvas lying around the apartment and decided to bust out the oil paints to match the color scheme I was hoping to achieve with the rest of the room. I like the contrast of the blue and yellow-gold, but I’m not married to the idea of it as a mantle showpiece. Maybe I am secretly hoping Kristian will commission some artist named Longines to come paint a mural of Bearmonkey and Badger touching their fingers across the heavens, a la Cam and Mitchell’s mural in Modern Family. But, I digress. As Kristian would say, the painting is “good enough for the girls!”.

This is a close-up of the vase next to the fireplace. The detailing on it is pretty sweet… it’s made out of small seashells! I’m an aquarius and ocean gal to boot, so the combination of this piece with the driftwood accent pieces really speaks to me. I can hear the ocean now! It’s saying “Clare…Clare…finish that glass of wine and get some rest, pretty lady! Tomorrow is going to be another wild and wonderful day!”


Here’s to relaxing spaces…everyone deserves a little corner of zen. Or, at least a vase that talks to them in ocean-speak.


Hearts and Hugs,