My, how the weekends fly! It’s hard to believe Tuesday is already looming…Kristian and I had such a jam-packed weekend that I hardly had a chance to catch my breath, but I think we both like it that way.

We are so excited about the opening of our Etsy store, Bearmonkey and Badger! Kristian spent some time on Saturday constructing the smaller “Revolver” coffee table. I’m giving you all a sneak preview below; our official shop photos are not done yet, but will be up soon, promise!

Just a sneak peek at the gun show…get your tickets early,people!

Saturday night was full of everything I love about Portland in the summer: good friends, yummy food, craft beer, and the great outdoors. I ate so much pork tacos, quinoa salad, and pie that I thought Kristian would need to roll me out of bed on Sunday morning, but I somehow found the strength to get up early and go eat this:


I know, it’s almost cruel for me to post this. While most of the country was roasting, I was sitting outside in the cool breeze, stuffing my cute little piehole full of coconut French toast from Isabel. (For the record, I am not really a Pearl girl, but when brunch on Sunday is as popular in Portland as well, church is in most other cities, sometimes you need to think outside of the box if you don’t want to wait two hours for a table.) I remembered going to Isabel with a gal pal a few months ago and suggested that Badger venture out with me to see what the crowd is like on a nice, sunny morning. We seated ourselves immediately on the patio, which felt like a nice extension of the interior space with the garage doors open. I really dug the community vibe that Isabel fostered (despite it being a chain establishment!) and how it felt like I was consuming home-cooked comfort food with a little bit of flair.

I don’t care if the plate is as big as me, I’m eating the whole thing!

Yes, I did eat all of it. I probably consumed enough calories to negate the ones I burned off in spin class, but that’s what Sunday is for. Kristian and I got to enjoy a great meal together and brainstorm more construction ideas…maybe the Mexican Mocha had me buzzing, but I was so eager to capture everything and get to work! Thankfully, Kristian was there to ground me and we enjoyed the rest of our day being inspired at Ikea and watching old episodes of Modern Family. I’m so lucky to have him, he understands my emotions and helps me to take time for breaks, even when I don’t know I need them.

My sweet Badger friend, ready to pounce on those breakfast burritos!

We both talked a lot this weekend about how blessed we feel to work with each other, and it’s just the beginning… our creative energies are so complementary, and I can’t wait to see what kinds of handmade treasures we can share with you, dear readers! Keep your little eyes peeled and ears to the ground for Bearmonkey and Badger design news… we are both so passionate about cultivating a handmade lifestyle and invite you to take this journey with us, in whatever way feels right for you and your family. I hope you were able to share the weekend with loved ones like I did. More to come soon!

Hearts and hugs,